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     Trail rides, a homemade van to grill hamburgers for horseback riders, an extended family of aunts that loved to cook, and all this resulted in a lady finding herself in the restaurant and food business now for dare we say over well twenty years. 


     Beverly Hinds is a local woman who graduated New Summerfield high school.  She briefly attended Tyler Junior College.  As a young lady, Beverly worked many jobs, including taking tickets at the Palace Theater in downtown Jacksonville.  Coincidentally, her current business is located in former parking area of the Chief Outdoor Theatre (Drive-in) in Jacksonville, Texas,  and is currently just down from the Carmike theater in Jackson Square Phase II on South Jackson street.


    In 1995 Beverly returned from San Bernardino, California to take over and run the Trade Winds restaurant.  After managing there for three years Beverly and her late husband Henry Minter embarked on their own restaurant.  Henry passed away in February of 2005.  Beverly feels that in the early days of them going on trail rides and cooking for the horseback riders was a good start for her in serving people in her business now.  Beverly has remarried and Doug Hinds, her husband has been very supportive in Beverly continuing some of the traditions she and Henry had started.


    This year has marked some changes at Beverly's Cafe, one being now that it is a totally smoke free environment.  Beverly continues to plan to add special functions to her restaurant venue.  She has revamped a large area of her restaurant and in the process of promoting her facilities for local patrons to use as a gathering for anything from baby showers to birthday and retirement parties.


     Something that Beverly had left out about telling about running a business, is that loves the business and the people she serves.  When Veterans Day rolls around and a fellow is asked if he is a Veteran, next thing he will find is that is meal has been paid. 


     I appreciate that Beverly allowed me to try to assist her in building her business web presence and allowed to write a short biography for her.  Not many people, I believe actually read these biographies.  However, if you made it to this point, you might find a "local" down at Beverly's Cafe, drinking coffee peering out the window seeming to be a million miles away  remembering a day when there was a big screen drive-in movie and she/he worked in the snack bar, or was there with a date.  You can be assured not anyone in Jacksonville, Texas would be surprised why Beverly and Doug Hinds have repeated local business.  Great people and good food.  And if you are a Veteran, Beverly's is just perfect for you.


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